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About CNR Cargo Movers

CNR Cargo Movers understands that global supply chain management involves planning, implementing and controlling a series of complex tasks performed by persons of different states and cultures and with varying language capabilities. We integrate these multinational capabilities by combining years of expertise with the latest in technology.

We understand that synchronization of time, people and place are crucial for supply chain optimization. To ensure this, we have been gradually building upon the foundation of varied experienced and highly skilled specialists, who focus on operating models that integrate functions of the clients’ organization, their suppliers and customers across the extended supply chain.
Our operations, consulting, and client development teams deliver logistics, operations strategy, sourcing and procurement planning, fulfillment operations & customer service.

CNR is a nationalized service organization dedicated to providing efficient and competitively priced, logistics, Railways and transportation - wherever you go. CNR Cargo Movers is actively involved in offering a one stop shop for all logistical requirements of our customers, through multimodal transport solutions, supply and demand chain management systems and other related value added service packages. As well as more sophisticated supply chain management available from CNR Cargo Movers avail you the most reliable sailings with fast transit times at competitive rates.

Vision & Mission
To create an organization which provide value added logistics solutions to its customers, which will assist them to excel in their operation and thereby ensuring long lasting business relationship and vertical growth of both the organizations.

CNR Cargo Movers Multimodal transport offers safe and efficient movement of goods, where we accept the complete responsibility, door-to-door. Further, with technological development of transport means and operations as well as in communications, we are able to provide safe and efficient transport for the entire chain of transport. The result of this well integrated multimodal links is smooth and efficient transit of cargo from the point of manufacturing to the point of final consumption.
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